Avalon Marketing and Website Design Ltd. is proud to support local small to medium-sized businesses.  Avalon Marketing was formed ten years ago and, initially, focused on marketing consultancy.  We undertake a wide variety of projects ranging from marketing research, measurement of consumer satisfaction and setting up a housing trust.  Some of our clients are remote from us geographically, but this is no barrier in today’s modern world.  More recently, we have extended our capabilities to include consultancy in website design and the measurement of website usability.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to work with our clients in order to understand and refine their needs, and satisfy real requirements in a cost-effective manner.  We employ sound statistical and data analysis techniques supported by real-world experience as the basis for our work.  We offer full confidentiality in all our assignments across marketing tasks and website design.

We are a limited company (Company Number 6116785) and we guarantee our work through professional indemnity insurance for the services we provide.


Who we are – Capabilities and experience

Our approach