When ALGON Ltd changed hands, the new owners wanted a website that not only showed-off the product line, but supported the business. We worked with the owners to gain a clear picture of how they wanted the business to run, then designed a website that delivered the required business processes.

The website is not only attractive and memorable for visitors, but the eye-catching front-end hides a sophisticated inventory management system. Following a stock-take, the inventory tracks resupply, goods-in and orders out so that it always presents the current holdings.

Minimum holdings are set for each product and staff receive an alert when levels are getting too low.

ALGON not only distributes its products, but it manufactures too. The website supports production by tracking the amounts of the component ingredients so that a clear picture of current holdings and costs is maintained.

  • Scrolling display of products at the base of each page.
  • Product pages to explain the function and use of each product line.
  • Eye-catching video header on each page to gain vistors’ attention.
  • Map showing the location of ALGON distributors around the country.
  • Staff-only area accessed by login.
  • Inventory management that tracks:
    • Resupply orders
    • Goods In
    • Orders
    • Stock-taking
    • Updated display always shows current holding.
  • Production management to monitor:
    • Amount of component materials in store.
    • Value of all components.
    • Generate alerts when stocks are low.
    • Calculate whether sufficient components are available for a production run.
  • Data-management area to ensure the site is providing the right information.