On this page we will demonstrate items we have built to show off a particular feature. These are very often a “Work In Progress” so please excuse any unfinished features. The demos are not aimed at a particular client but will involve features that may be useful for various organisations. If you want us to demonstrate a particular aspect of what we do, please get in touch.

Online store

A number of our clients are enjoying the benefits of listing their products and services online and providing an online ordering system to increase their reach and reduce the time taken to process each order. Our solution for listing and … Read More

Online ordering

Many businesses are inviting the public to submit orders by e-mail. This is a big step forward from collecting orders by phone (which is time-consuming and error-prone). However, you still need to spend time sorting through the e-mails and decide … Read More

Job planner

During lockdown for Covid-19, many businesses are receiving requests for work to take place after lockdown ends. How do you manage the resulting job list? Do you prioritise by location, by duration, by cost? Our job planner helps you visualise … Read More