ASAP Skips is a thriving, Auckland-based business which already had a successful website. So successful in fact, that the owner wanted a way to improve control over online bookings.

Customers had previously been invited to choose their preferred hire period from a drop-down menu. If you wanted a duration that wasn’t in the list – hard luck! It also meant the owner was responsible for keeping the list of hire-periods and costs up to date. When you consider that different delivery locations also incurred different fees, there was a lot of maintenance to do.

We changed the interface by adding a tool which asked the customer to choose a start- and end-date, then calculated the amount owing. This gave the customer freedom to choose when they wanted the skip to arrive. This additional control meant that the owner could then block certain days (for example, weekends and holidays) when he didn’t want to be making deliveries.

It was important that we fully understood how the business worked and what problems they were facing. Having a great client who wants to share how things work helped enormously!