They Greytown Country MARKET is held 6 times a year at Stella Bull Park in Greytown. The website caters for 3 distinct audiences:

  • The general public who want to know why they should attend the market and how to get there.
  • The stallholders who will book and pay for a stand at the market.
  • The managers – known as “The Info Team” – whose role it is to co-ordinate the many stallholders and their needs, to ensure a series of successful events.

The CRM provided on the Greytown Country MARKET website is used to manage the needs of stallholders and organisers. We used a “forms-based” approach to manage the information requirements and ensure that the particular elements are processed in the correct way.

This means that the right stallholders get charged the right amount at the right time for the events they have booked.

The CRM also manages an e-mail announcement mechanism. It was agreed that MailChimp was “over-the top” for the requirement and a simple tool built to enable emails to be sent to all stallholders.

As an added benefit, the site also manages a webpage for each stallholder. Many stallholders do not want to maintain their own site, so the Greytown Country MARKET provides the publicity they need to inform their customers about the available products

An online guide has been included which provides stallholders and the Info Team with illustrated examples for using the system.