Prior to working for Avalon Marketing & Website Design, I worked as an Executive Assistant, project advisor and co-ordinator in a number of organisations in the public and private sectors.

I developed an interest in website design and I have been working with Avalon Marketing & Website Design since 2016.  I design and build websites using WordPress and update websites on behalf of clients. 

My earlier career gave me an understanding of what clients need to support their operations and this has improved further during my time with Avalon.  I designed and built a library for nearly 1000 documents based upon discussions around structure and process.  The library continues to deliver both “browse” and “search” approaches to finding information.  It even displays the “Top 20 viewed documents”!

I have worked on a variety of sites ranging from the 2-page, brochure websites, through our “small business” 5-page offering, to large websites with hundreds of pages and documents.  It takes a methodical mind and a steady hand!

Every website is different and not only do I get to use my skills to best effect, I am continually learning as well.  I have recently undertaken training to develop website forms which can make the most complicated problems look simple!  We use forms for a range of functions, from simple “contact” forms through to complex business process automation.  Our forms all have common characteristics: enter information only once and keep the stakeholders informed. 

I strive to create websites that the end-user will enjoy using, and will come back to again and again!  This means the sites must look good, while making the end-user’s life easier.We’ve come a long way from just sharing information!