CRS Software

CRS Software asked Avalon Marketing & Website Design Ltd to work with the “Client Services Team” to find and set up a Knowledge Base and to build a staff assessment Quality Scorecard.  

The Knowledge Base has been created for the team to have a central place for information and training tools, available in a format that is quick and easy to use.  It has also been set up so that the Knowledge Base manager can do this with ease.

Avalon created a new business process that suits our business and which has made a significant positive impact on training time for the team.  It has also added to the “paperless office” we are striving for.  The system enforces a review date for each item in the Knowledge Base, preventing it going out of date.  This can be reported on when needed.

Avalon were also asked to create a staff appraisal tool, based upon a “Quality Scorecard” for the team.  The Quality Scorecard marks the team members according to a set of questions that describe their strength in the role – e.g. phone answering abilities.  The individuals can see the results of their own assessment and the administrator can see all results.  The system also generates reports for the Scorecard’s results that provide a “management overview” of the team’s performance. 

We have spent a small amount of time training the administrator and the team’s general use of the programme (which was easily managed by the Administrator).  The training sessions by Phil with the Administrator included clear instructions and explanations that ensured there was no confusion.  Support from Avalon is always available at short notice if there are any queries relating to the upkeep of the programme.  Avalon advise in advance of any add-ons, and details thereof, that may be needed to aid any decisions we need to make.”