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Many businesses are inviting the public to submit orders by e-mail. This is a big step forward from collecting orders by phone (which is time-consuming and error-prone). However, you still need to spend time sorting through the e-mails and decide the best way to fulfil the orders.

Our online ordering collects the orders for you and presents them in a table that you can use to prioritise orders in any way you wish.

You can group all orders for a particular delivery area. Or deal with high value orders first.

Let us know how your business works and we can tailor our solution to provide the best benefit.

List of orders (normally hidden from the public).

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Name Email Phone Address Total Comments Details
John Smith Test address
Masterton, Wairarapa

Test comment or message.

Fred Blogs A different test address
Carterton, Wairarapa

This is another test message.


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Online ordering demo

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