Customer Service Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is set up to store information required by the support team when responding to customer calls.  During a phone call, you don’t always have the luxury of being able to search through files of information or past solutions.  The Knowledge Base features a search capability that responds to just 3 letters of a word, and confines its serach to the procedures and policy documents that are required to resolve queries.  In this way, support staff are able to locate the required information while the call is in progress and resolve customers’ questions on the spot.

An additional benefit has been the substantial reduction in onboarding time.  With the required information much closer at hand, new starters are up and running in a much shorter time than before the Knowledge Base was put in place.

Staff Appraisal tool

It has been difficult to ensure consistency and objectivity when appraising staff performance.  Capturing the same information across all staff and putting in place a set of meaningful measurements that enable comparisons is vital if the appriasal system is to provide a credible output.

The staff approaisal tool employs a structured interview based upon a set of questions.  The responses to are captured for review and analysis and all stages are given a weighted score.  The questions, the scores and the weighting can all be updated as the organisation matures and use of the system improves.

Individual staff can review their own appraisal and comment on the assessment but are unable to see the scores.

The line-manager can see all completed forms and review collated scores allowing further feedback and informing the organisational development.