PlastercareNZ Ltd was one of our earliest clients after we took on presidency of the Wairarapa chapter of BNI. John at Plastercare had already invested in graphics and a hardcopy brochure, and he wanted to create an online presence based upon that existing work. The aim was to increase awareness about the company and ideally lead to more orders.

We worked with the printshop that had developed the existing brochure, and recreated the graphics and imagery they had designed. We used the same font and setup the same colours to provide consistent branding.

The website provided us the additional opportunity to demonstrate some Plastercare work so we added galleries of “Before” and “After” pictures. We updated these after each new job the company completed. This was something that couldn’t be done with the brochure and was really popular with visitors to the site.

Plastercare wasn’t ready to incorporate online ordering into the site – although we were very ready to do so! Instead, visitors dialed straight through to John’s cell phone, by pressing a button on the home screen.