Forms are useful in many ways on a website. Perhaps the most critical is the need to use a contact form on your website instead of providing an email address.  Broadcasting your email address to your customers may appear to … Read More


RSS monitors a website page, and whenever the page is updated or changed in some way, it looks at a list of people who have signed up for it, and drops them all an email.  It’s a handy and  useful … Read More

Mailing List

Today’s question: How do you keep in touch with your clients? And how much time do you spend doing it? And question three: is that the most effective way? And how would you go about improving it?  So that’s four … Read More

Data Extract

I was wondering, how many people make use of the information they capture from their site visitors? Those that take the trouble to register their interest on a form or leave their contact details, how much value is there in … Read More

Private Forum

As a marketing and website company, one of the main thrusts of our websites is to “get the message out there” – so we’re talk about defining the right information and then sharing that information, “broadcasting it”, as widely as … Read More


It was the great management thinker, Peter Drucker, who famously said “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  The concept has been supported by American statistician W. Edwards Deming, who quipped: “In God we trust, all others must bring … Read More

Uptime monitoring

From a marketing point of view, Google Analytics provides an invaluable service by measuring and reporting the amount of engagement with your visitors.  This information is vital to inform your decisions about what you present and how you get your … Read More

Domain name

Your “domain name” is the bit after the “@” sign in your web and e-mail address.  When you ask us to register your preferred domain name, we will first check to see if it is available for you.  If someone … Read More


One of the benefits of registering your own domain name is that you get your own set of e-mail addresses.  These will be of the form  This is important for branding as part of creating your organisation’s presence.  We … Read More

News Page

Some of our clients have a web page used for sharing news, ideas and other discussions. Permission can be extended to approved users so that they can participate in the discussion – and even add new items. We use a … Read More

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