Data Extract

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I was wondering, how many people make use of the information they capture from their site visitors?

Those that take the trouble to register their interest on a form or leave their contact details, how much value is there in that information that is going to waste?  I guess if the data captured is just an email address and nothing further, then okay – we send them a newsletter perhaps or we get in touch with them to follow-up.  But how much more information could be usefully captured and what value?  How could we exploit that to best effect?

Take, for example, the regional distribution of your audience.  If we asked visitors to select an area that they live in (from a drop-down list, perhaps) or even to enter their address.  The information that visitors have entered can be extracted and various questions can be asked of that information, such as “what proportion of our visitors live on North Island?” or you could work with dates of birth, age, gender etc.  This gives you the benefit of partitioning your audience so that you can better understand their needs and improve the focus of your marketing message.

We are already providing this “data extract” service to clients which allows them to see who is showing an interest and where these visitors are located.  And the questions you ask can cover anything to do with the captured data “what’s the most popular restaurant dish?” or “what sort of car are people interested in?”, “what fuel economy are people getting from their car?” and so on.  All useful information from a marketing angle.