Uptime monitoring

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From a marketing point of view, Google Analytics provides an invaluable service by measuring and reporting the amount of engagement with your visitors.  This information is vital to inform your decisions about what you present and how you get your message across.  However, Google Analytics isn’t suited to monitoring the platform that your website sits on.  For this, we need a separate service which will provide an alert if, for any reason, your site ceases to function and your web pages are no longer available.

Service definition.

  • Http probe provides more reliable information than “ping” since ping only confirms that the server is running.  Http probe confirms the pages are being served and the site is up.
  • We provide an indication of response time and confirmation that the site is up.  We can also track individual pages if this is important.
  • We currently check every site at 5-minute intervals.  We can upgrade to 1-minute intervals if required.
  • We currently send alerts by e-mail to phone etc.  We can offer an upgrade to SMS alerts.
  • We provide a display of uptime within the Admin section of your site, or on a (password-protected) web page, if required.
  • We can also push the alerts out on a number of other services (e.g. Slack, HipChat, Pushover etc).  Please discuss if these are useful.
  • Coming soon:  We are working on integrating the display with your Google Analytics display to provide a single point of monitoring.

These details are summarised in the following table:

Service item Basic level Advanced level
What do we monitor? Entire site Specific important pages.
Check frequency 5-minute intervals 1-minute intervals
Alert transmission E-mail E-mail and SMS
Where is display shared? Admin dashboard of your site. Password-protected webpage
Cost per site NZ$ 10.00 (+ GST) per month NZ$  20.00   (+ GST) per month

Example display for multiple sites.

Status Monitor Name Uptime
up Aroma India 85.811 %
up Avalon Marketing 99.840 %
up Chip Group 99.965 %
up Potatoes NZ 99.893 %
up Test2 96.927 %
up Tonik 99.950 %
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