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RSS monitors a website page, and whenever the page is updated or changed in some way, it looks at a list of people who have signed up for it, and drops them all an email.  It’s a handy and  useful way of being alerted when an important website is updated.

But it goes further than that.  Modern technology has recognised the value of RSS and now you can include it as a “bookmark” or a “favourite” on your web browser.  So you can say to your web browser: show me all of the RSS feeds I subscribe to, and show me what has been updated across the multitude of websites I’m in interested in.  And that represents pretty good value.

And in terms of cost, it’s very simple to implement – our preferred web platform actually includes the function as standard.  So making it available to our clients is simply a matter of some minor configuration – it probably takes as long to document the changes so that your records are up to date, as it does to make the service available!

So, if that sounds relevant to you, then don’t forget to ask us about RSS and see how it can save you time from going and looking for changes and instead it will actually bring them to you.